Moose Jaw Homegrown Market Vendor Application

Please note: If you are a FOOD VENDOR - You have to Apply to Public Health Annually as well (STEP 2 below) 

Name of Applicant/Vendor *
Name of Applicant/Vendor
Address *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Do you require one vendor stall (12x12ft) or two? *
Do you absolutely require your vehicle at your market stall? *
Do you have a preference of where you would like your booth to be placed? *
Are you planning on being at every Saturday Morning Markets? *
Are you planning on attending Wed night markets? *
Have you been approved by Public Health to sell at the market? If yes, please send in approval in a separate email to *
Membership Fee $50: (check if paid) *
Please bring your membership fee to the first market you attend
Date of application
Date of application
Initials of applicant
Please initial the application form as a digital signature

STEP 2 : Only if you are selling Food Products. Click the link below to fill out the Five Hills Market Vendor Public Health Form

Five Hills Public Health Form